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Transmission Services: External Diagnostic Service

The Harford County & Bel Air Transmissions Auto Service and Repair External Diagnostic Service is the best transmission checkup available anywhere. Our Centers’ certified technicians can get to the bottom of any transmission problem. With today’s more complex, computer-controlled transmissions, it takes a real expert to be able to diagnose a transmission problem correctly. Getting that diagnosis right can save you a lot of money.
The Harford County & Bel Air Transmissions Auto Service and Repair External Diagnostic Service is a systematic and comprehensive external evaluation of the overall performance and condition of your transmission.
 A trained technician will check the level and condition of your transmission fluid:

 A low fluid level may indicate a leak

 Contaminated fluid has water or particles in the fluid.

 Burnt fluid indicates damage from overheating.

 Varnished fluid has been overheated repeatedly.

 Normal fluid is reddish-brown and translucent, depending on transmission type, with
     no particular odor.

 The technician will also check the level and condition of transfer case and differential
     fluid, where applicable.
 The technician takes your car on a road test, to experience first-hand any problems you have
   noticed, and to evaluate your car's performance.
 Your vehicle will be placed on a lift to inspect the controls under the vehicle for any possible
   cause of the problem external to the transmission.
 Finally, the technician will scan the computer for trouble codes*.
From these tests, the expert transmission technicians at Harford County & Bel Air Transmissions Auto Service and Repair centers can determine what type of problem you might have, and make a recommendation for whatever service is necessary.
Transmissions Repair For more than 40 years, That’s a lot of know-how, a lot of experience, and a lot of very satisfied customers. Certified technicians have the tools, the training and the diagnostic equipment to make sure your car, truck or SUV is diagnosed right, fixed right, all at a price that’s right. If you think you may have a transmission problem, We have the quality service that’s right for your vehicle. Why go anywhere else?

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